Buyer’s Home Inspection:

$450 for up to 2,000 SF Birmingham area with no crawlspace including infrared scanning and same day report

Please fill out inspection request form to schedule or request quote 

For crawlspace add $50

Follow-up Inspection to Verify Repairs, 50% of Inspection Fee

 Additional Services:

Cost estimate for major repairs $100+

Focused Infrared Inspection with Photos  (160 x 120 Image Resolution*) add $150

*RESNET standards require an infrared camera with at least 120 x 120 resolution

$125 per Sample for Air, Swab or Tape Lift and includes MoldREPORTâ„¢

(Minimum of 1 air sample per 1,000 SF of building area plus 1 control sample taken at an exterior entrance is the minimum recommendation)